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Installation Instructions

Spark is a Windows desktop program that can record, process, and upload EchoVR data from either a local EchoVR client or an Oculus Quest on the same network. Check out the Echopedia page for a full list of features.

Spark is not a spectator client. However, it can be used to launch the PC version of Echo VR in spectator mode.

Main Spark UI


spark:// Links

Send clickable links in Discord for private matches. No friend requests needed. Casters can instantly join in spectator mode. This now works for both Quest and PCVR users.

spark link in Discord Spark link join dialog

Spectate Me

Automatically open the PC Echo VR spectator client in your match. Makes streaming your matches on Quest easy!

Private Match Server Selector

Choose the region you want to launch a private match in. Always get a central server even if you aren't nearby.

Spark server selector

Event Log

Documents every event that happens in your matches with timestamps. Saves to a file per match, so you can go back and look later.

03:24.07 - Burnzy_ turned over the disk to BlazeBoltZ
03:23.65 - Lucas_Fadeout ping went above 150
03:22.95 - Player Joined: 6475616c67616d650a
03:22.50 - Player Joined: Virtex_Bot
03:22.17 - Chris12torres boosted to 47.2 m/s
03:22.17 - BlazeBoltZ boosted to 22.8 m/s
03:24.07 - BlazeBoltZ intercepted a throw from Burnzy_
03:20.64 - Celestial-_- ping went above 150
03:19.55 - inventor- made a catch
03:17.46 - inventor- turned over the disk to Celestial-_-
03:17.46 - Celestial-_- intercepted a throw from inventor-
03:15.43 - Burnzy_ made a catch
03:14.82 - Celestial-_- stunned inventor-
03:13.79 - inventor- made a catch
03:11.83 - inventor- stunned Burnzy_

Create Replay Files

Create .echoreplay or .butter files that can be viewed from any angle and in slow motion in 2D or VR with the Replay Viewer.

Replay Viewer Logo

Discord Rich Presence

Shows detailed information about the match you are currently playing (if you choose to enable it).

Discord Rich Presence example

and many more...

Spark settings screen


For support questions, post in the #spark-support channel in the IgniteVR Discord server.


For suggestions for new features or improvements, contact a member of Ignite, or post in the #ignite-requests channel in the IgniteVR Discord server.

Source Code

If you want to become more involved in development of Spark, source code is available on GitHub

Release History

For a full history of all previous beta and full Spark releases, check out the Releases page on the GitHub.